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Indoor/Outdoor Positioning System

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The USBeacon is a bluetooth low energy (BLE) transmitter capable of up to 30 meters or 100 feet communication with BLE ready smartphones (iOS7 and Android 4.3+).

Any capatible smartphone within its range will pick up the beacon’s universally unique identifier (UUID), which then triggers a push notification on user’s smartphone.


Because the beacons can be easily setup locally, its services may be tailored for specific locations. For example, a single beacon may be used to attract shoppers’ attention by providing elaborate demos of a specific product nearby, and multiple beacons may be used to create a virtual map for guiding shoppers.

A stadiums can use beacons in mul- tiple ways, such as quickly guide audience to their seats, restroom, concession stands, or even serve as e-ticket readers.

Build Indoor Positioning System Anywhere, Using Minimal Energy

Because the beacons can be easily setup locally, its services may be tailored for specific Indoor spaces block GPS signals and sometimes even cellular signals, making it difficult for smartphone to be positioned indoor. USBeacon is the perfect solution. With the beacon itself being an inexpensive piece of hardware, It also uses Bluetooth Low-Energy module (BLE) to transmit to and receive information from smartphones, further reducing your overhead cost.

Just a dozen beacons in your shop will help direct customers to their desired sections (right example shows live directing UI on an iPhone).

Your Private Marketing Platform

USBeacon is a small Bluetooth broadcasting device using USB power. It is easy to install and use.

As shoppers pass by your store front, or when they are looking for a product inside your store, USBeacon sends relative shopper/discount/product information to their smartphones, maximizing your business potential! The smartphone App may be tailored to suit your purposes.

The above example shows how wine store app may make recommendations to wine shoppers.

Home Automation

In addition to its commercial applications, beacons can also provide modern homes with means of communication, for example, triggering lights, music, or air conditioning as user enters the space.

Wouldn’t it be nice that things just work? No switches. No hassel. Welcome home.

Where To Buy

You can order beacons, and get both demo App and USBeacon SDK!

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